About Us

We are a small local company building new and bespoke homes, along with renovations and alterations. At Marcus Gibson Builders we work closely with our clients (including assisting with building consent applications, designers and sub trades) to achieve the best results. Building to your budget to bring your dreams to reality.

Our Team

Marcus Gibson


Marcus has over 20 years experience in the building trade. He's been involved with residential new builds, renovations, alterations, industrial fit outs and commercial apartment blocks. Marcus has a vast range of knowledge in the wider building and construction sector.     

National Certificate Carpentry - NZQA Construction Related Trades (Main Contract Supervision), LBP Licensed 

Molly Gibson


Molly has a wealth of knowledge in the building trade, with a Diploma in Architectural Technology and two years in building processing. Molly also has a passion for the outdoors with a National Certificate in Horticulture which flows onto her landscape, bathroom and kitchen design. Molly G Designs mollygdesign@outlook.com Molly also has excellent office management skills to help jobs flow.  

Dip Architectural Technology, NC Horticulture, Accredited with Regulation-18 in Building processing Building Res 1 & 2, Plumbing Res 1.

Josh Bear

Apprentice Carpenter 

Josh is new to the MGB team, he's currently getting his eye into the building trade whilst he finishes his studies.